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Bulk goods are packed, stored and transported in thousands of different places every day. Therefore, the special importance of the packaging industry in the success of the product has been proven to all the industry and business actors. that important industries such as chemical industries, mineral industries and even food and pharmaceutical industries are affected by the packaging of their products. Different industries have turned to big bags and jumbo bags to make the most of the storage space and save the costs of transporting and delivering healthy and unspoiled products. The contents of big bags and jumbo bags include various items. Most people see daily that from flour and sugar on the shelves of supermarkets to stones, sand, which are abundant in buildings and gardens.

The advantages of using big bags and jumbo bags in the packaging industry:
Big bag and jumbo bag bags have the lowest weight and density for packing the products to be transported. For example, a 2.5 kg Big Bag can hold two thousand kg. It also occupies less space compared to other containers such as containers, reducing the cost of packaging and the cost of the product. In addition, the units’ need for manpower support will be significantly reduced with the use of big bags and jumbo bags compared to other packaging industry methods. Another advantage of Big Bag and Jumbo Bag is in reducing the cost. Big bags have a lower price compared to other products in the packaging industry. Fast preparation and availability of their types, as well as removal of pallets, vacuum and shearing are the final products. In total, all the mentioned items will reduce the cost of packaging and the total price of the product. The ability to produce big bags and jumbo bags in different sizes and dimensions, as well as different modes of loading and unloading according to customer requests, has created a lot of variety and capabilities in the packaging industry. The flexibility of big bag and jumbo bag due to its dimensions makes it easy to load, move and transport quickly. It provides the number of times of moving from one place to another by all kinds of cranes and lift trucks and thus reduces the time in the packaging industry. Big bag and jumbo bags are flexible due to the strong texture of polypropylene fibers. According to the type of loaded products and protection in all kinds of environmental conditions, it is possible to transport with all kinds of containers and trailers with or without protection, and even all kinds of Zili wagons, and creating a super-optimal space in all conditions of transportation. and at the same time it provides the possibility of easy sampling of products. According to the structural and physical properties of the propylene fibers that were used in the jumbo bag during production, the fundamental characteristics and functional properties of these fibers are strongly affected, therefore, it is possible to add different materials to the polymer or make any changes. In the production conditions, the final characteristics of the product were achieved due to the addition of nano camosite and moisture-resistant fibers, resistant to direct sunlight, and even anti-microbial and fungal and pest-resistant. The addition of resistant materials during the weaving of the fabric provides the possibility in the final product that the final product and the sewn jumbo bag provide the necessary protection against explosion (anti-explosion certificates). The regular sewing pattern and the solid form of big bags and jumbo bags provide the possibility of regular arrangement. It makes it possible to store all kinds of products in close proximity to each other easily. It creates an optimal space in the warehouse of origin and destination.

The possibility of printing and inserting advertisements and technical specifications of the product on the package:
Big bags and jumbo bags can be printed like other packaging industries. Including technical specifications, brand and even safety tips of the product being transported. It can also be a good tool to advertise the company and goods in road transportation.

Easy and quick unloading of products:
Various sewing and installation facilities in all types of jumbo bags, according to the type of product loaded, provide the conditions that all the products inside the bags can be unloaded quickly and with the least waste and deposits, according to the available methods and machines. .

Environmentally friendly:
Big bag and jumbo bag bags are strong even after the initial use because they are woven and interwoven from polypropylene fibers and can be loaded many times in different industries. Finally, it can be recycled and returned to the production line and transformed into a diverse product in different industries.

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