Components of Jambobags

The characteristic of the unit that is considered to check the quality of these fabrics is in terms of grams per square meter.

In other words, how much does 1 square meter of the fabric of this bag weigh in grams? For this purpose, bag fabrics normally have weights of 160 grams, 180 grams, 200 grams.

And its general meaning is as follows. Two jumbo bags, which are the same in terms of dimensions, but are made with two fabrics of 160 grams and 200 grams. Jumbo with a higher gram has more weight bearing in the same dimensions, and of course it creates more costs for the consumer.

But just by increasing the gram of the fabric, it cannot be guaranteed that this jumbo bag is better or has better quality. One of the most important and effective factors is the thread used in sewing and its anti-radiation, so that it does not rot under the sun and does not tear after being transported by a trailer and during unloading.

Some consumers consider the quality of fabric as its weight and compare prices and manufacturers. This method is completely wrong. The best way to buy jumbobags is to get the necessary guarantee for loading from the supplier. and set as a delivery condition.


According to the request or order, jumbo bags are produced using laminated or non-laminated fabrics, as well as with or without an internal nylon layer. Jumbobags are produced from plain or round woven polypropylene fabrics and the type of fabric is selected based on cargo weight, safe loading capacity (SWL) and safety factor (CSF).

Jumbo bags made of laminated fabrics show good resistance to moisture. Of course, in some special uses that require more resistance, they usually add an inner layer of nylon to the jumbo bag. This significantly increases the resistance to moisture.

Note: Big bags do not absorb moisture and do not pass the cold. As a result, big bags are the most suitable option for preserving trees in the cold season and preventing them from freezing.

Jumbo bags can withstand harsh weather conditions. A standard jumbo bag has a UV inhibitor added to the fabric at the manufacturing level, which helps protect the bag from the harmful effects of UV rays. Therefore, jumbobags are a suitable method for storing bulk materials in open spaces.

Some goods that need to be protected against moisture require special jumbo bags or bags. In these cases, some laminated fabrics are used to provide some resistance against moisture in low degrees. But in some more special cases or weather conditions with higher humidity, in addition to the internal laminate, a nylon layer is used inside the jumbobag, which reduces the negative impact of humidity in this case. These bags can be water and moisture resistant and dustproof by creating a PE lining inside them. Therefore, the materials stored inside them are protected against water and humidity.

Some jumbobags, which are known as ventilated jumbobags, are made of fabrics that allow air to enter and exit the bag. These are specially designed to protect perishable food items like onions, potatoes etc. to protect them from moisture.

Fabric in terms of conductivity and non-conductivity

What is the difference between jumbo bag and fabrics A, B, C and D?

The difference between these fabrics is in the control of static electricity. Static electricity is an imbalance of electrical charge within or on the surface of a material. When bulk bags are filled and emptied rapidly, the fluid movement of the fine powder material can cause static electricity. It is very important to eliminate or prevent electrical charge in the packaging of flammable or combustible materials or in an environment where combustible dust is present.

Type A fabric:

Type A bags are made of woven polypropylene and other non-conductive fabrics. Since no static protection is provided by Type A FIBCs, it is essential that they are not used to store or transport combustible materials and that they are not used in flammable or combustible environments. These bags are used for the safe transportation of non-flammable products and no solvents or flammable gases should be present around the bag.

Type B fabric:

Type B bags are made of woven polypropylene fabrics that have a low breakdown voltage to prevent the occurrence of highly energetic brush discharges that can mix dust and air. Type B bags cannot be considered anti-static because they have no mechanism to dissipate static electricity. These bags are used for the safe transportation of dry and flammable powders, and no solvent or flammable gas should be present around the bag.

Type C fabric:

Type C bags are made of non-conductive polypropylene fabrics with conductive threads, typically sewn in a grid pattern, that connect the bag to ground through a connection point. Grounding during filling and unloading is critical for the safe use of Type C FIBCs. As with any manual task, ensuring the connection and foundation of FIBC types is subject to human error. These bags are used for safe transportation of flammable powders. It can be used safely if there are solvents and flammable gases in the bag. It should be noted that when the earth connection is missing or damaged, do not use it.

Type D fabric:

Type D bags are made of anti-static and anti-static fabrics, which are designed to prevent sparks, brush discharges, and the spread of brush discharges without the need to connect the bag to the ground. Type D bags can be used for the safe packaging of flammable products and for handling products in flammable and combustible environments. These types of bags are used for the safe transportation of flammable powders and can be used safely if there are solvents and flammable gases in the bag. Do not use the bag if the surface of the bag is contaminated or conductive materials such as water or grease are used.


2-3- Jumbo bag belt

Jumbobag strap is obtained by weaving several bunches of plastic, propylene or multifilament threads into a weft. Jumbobag belts have high resistance and are able to bear heavy loads. Of course, the strength and quality of jumbobag belts depends on many factors, such as the type of yarn used in the weft and warp of the belt and the thickness of the warp and weft yarn. In other words, the better the quality of the type of thread used in the jumbobag belt and also the greater its thickness, the higher the quality of the jumbobag belt and is able to withstand a greater amount of load.

A belt weaving machine is used to weave the jumbobag belt. In this machine, first many bunches of propylene threads are placed next to each other. The machine divides these threads into several different categories, which are the warp threads. After that, using a special needle, the machine passes the weft thread through the bundles of webbing, and this kind of weaving is done, and the jumbobag strap is obtained during this process.

As we mentioned above, jumbobag belts have different quality levels and their quality has an impact on their price.

In some cases, pure PP thread or propylene thread is used to produce jumbobag straps, which have a high price and are mostly used for special cases.

In other cases, recycled plastic materials are used to produce jumbobag belts, and the belts produced with these materials have a lower price compared to the belts produced from pure PP material.

Of course, most of the time they work in combination to produce jumbobag belts. For example, about 40% of pure PP materials and about 60% of recycled materials are used in the production of Jumbobag belts. Of course, the composition of these materials is different for each manufacturer, and the quality and price of the produced belt depends on how these materials are combined.

The higher the quality of the strap used in the jumbo bag, the higher the carrying capacity of the jumbo bag.

Conclusion: In this article, we tried to guide you in choosing the type and material of fabric, as well as the types of belts and their use at the time of ordering based on your respective organizational consumption; inform and be able to choose the type of consumer bag more accurately. For more information, contact the experts of this company.

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